Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Finally! After almost twenty four hours of labor, my Vienna gave birth to Awesome Mark Ares! Being with them during those moment, was a wonderful experience for a new GrandMama. I felt Vienna's pain, looking at her in bed with all those tubes and wires attached to her, I see myself  twenty-four years ago. At 8:00 P.M, she started pushing and breathing. The nurse did a very good job guiding her through out the delivery, but I think Lolit, Vienna's mom did a magnificent job staying foot and watching taking videos of everything. Anyways, during the pushing and breathing, the nurse counted 1-10 and Vienna pushed, then she took a little breath, then pushed again. They did this for almost two hours, and during those times, I noticed myself doing the same thing. When Vienna was pushing, I stopped breathing, and when she goes back to breathing, I breathed through my mouth. I tried my best not to faint (as that is my weakness in front of medical procedures), I felt lightheaded and so I chewed on a gum and drink water, it helped me a little bit to go back and stay with Vienna. During the pushing, I kept praying to let Vienna go through the hard labor. I saw her face turned gray to purple, and I can feel how much the pain she's going through. At 9:50 P.M, there was a feeling of I don't understand, and then by 9:51 P.M, Ares came out, and I saw all the faces of the people inside the room changed. There was my first grandson, I felt the tears rushing out of me, but I need to hold it. To divert that feeling, I took pictures, and followed where Baby Ares was. The first glance at him without the hands of the nurse, he looked so wonderful, I want to hold him and give him the grandma kiss, but of course I can't. Tears almost roll down my cheek but I had to hold it again. I love this little baby so much and I cannot understand why I am feeling this way.

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